!luuli - Rio Da Vida

by !luuli

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Gutter Glam 05:32
Love Hate 06:28
Aspen 09:08
Dream Punk 03:12


In the words of !luuli:

I want people to know how this album was made. I almost didn't survive this album and several times during the album was attemptedly attacked in public because it was produced entirely living in my car very poor . . . just me a half-broken computer and cheap audio technica headphones. I lived in the gutters of cities where i would park and nobody would assume i was in there. I was constantly dodging cops, bigots, thieves, wrongfully concerned citizens, and perverts out there who like me were also wandering the streets of some the most infamous and dangerous areas in LA, NOLA, OAKLAND and, to contrast, in the gutters of millionaire neighborhoods and pristine nature as the escape from it all when i was too harmed by the harsh reality of living in public in major united states cities. I was sleeping parked in the gutters filthy, I had no toilet or shower or running water and would spend much of my days just struggling to get my very most basic needs met and yet between those challenges obsessively keep delivering beauty through music and visual art and photography into the world despite any and all obstacles. Not just that but also managing to be compassionate or generous to the others out there in the streets struggling with me.

Living like that is too much for most people to handle even when when they aren't making an album it would break them. And it did break me over and over and over until i finally completed it and flew away on tour. Thats why this took so long to complete and thats why its very existence is a mark of personal heroism creatively to me and a representation of what it means to overcome any challenges to keep pushing on in only pure faith that one day it will all start getting better. Somehow through all the near death experiences, attacks, going to jail for weed possession after being profiled by police, and the utterly humbling and embarrassing moments urinating in bottles or outside or sneaking into businesses and using their bathrooms . . . this is the tip of the iceberg of what i had to overcome in order for this music to exist . . . I still found the strength to be humble to shine and channel beauty out of and from within the filth and sadism of humanity and again, in contrast, also in the peace and nurture of nature as my salvation from all of the other stuff.

There is a long story for every track these aren't just made for parties these are made as my only life preserver in times that were utterly overwhelming and I really had nothing else no people no family no lovers no animals rarely friends, just me and the music and our struggles. This is therapy this is magic this is pure potent authenticity unfiltered and without pressure of catering to the preferences of listeners based off of all the things they've heard before . . . because something like this could only exist once in ALL OF HISTORY purely unique not for status or entertainment, founded in therapy innocence honesty and scathing societal reflection. This is audio medicine and I hope so deeply that it will save you as much as it has saved me.


released March 12, 2018

All tracks by !luuli.

Art by Sharon in Space.

Mastering of tracks 1-6 by David Cohen at Xexify Studios. Mastering of track 7 by !luuli.




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